For over four decades, Osmun Music has been providing the brass playing community with professional mouthpiece alteration services. From opening a mouthpiece throat to digitizing and duplication, we feel our combination of experience and expertise can benefit any brass player in need of finding the right mouthpiece tweak that will work for them. The following is a small sample of the mouthpiece alteration services we offer.

Open Mouthpiece Throat

Open Mouthpiece Backbore

Cut & Threading

Convert to Reeves Sleeve System

Mouthpiece Refinishing & Plating

Bend Trumpet Mouthpiece

Rebuild Mouthpiece Shank


Mouthpiece Consultations

All of these services are as close as your local post office or shipping center. Follow the directions here to ship your mouthpiece(s) to us to work on. Most alterations take us only a day or two.

You can also schedule mouthpiece services here.