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What is Blueprinting? 

Blueprinting is a process that we have developed to enhance each instrument that we work on to perform as the highest example of its make and model. Most instruments today are built in factories that use assembly lines to keep costs low. This can lead to oversight in the finish product and creating deviations from one instrument to the next. Our Blueprinting service puts the extra labor and time into an instrument to make it the best it can be as it was initially designed.

What Do We Do?

When an instrument comes to us for a Blueprinting, we chart your instrument from mouthpiece receiver to bell flare. Blueprinting is an A-la-Carte service and not all procedures may not be needed on every horn. Different brands or manufactures have their strong points and blind spots. We have the experience to know what they are. Our technicians will check all the things that may have been overlooked in the manufacturing process. Some of the things we correct are:

  • Valve-alignment
  • Roundness of the bell bow and crooks
  • Excess solder left inside the instrument from initial assembly
  • Mis-aligned tubes
  • Mouthpiece receiver alignment
  • Correcting valve slide lengths

"I recently had my Bach 239/25H blueprinted. When I got it back myself and my prof played it and were ecstatic with the results. The horn plays with far more clarity and core to the sound than it ever has and I definitely feel like I don't have to work near as hard. This is something I have already shared and encouraged others to do to their horns before they decide to sell and just buy a new one." 

How do I get started? 

There are a few ways you can get the ball rolling on having your trumpet or french horn blueprinted. The first and easiest is to set up an appointment online. You can do this yourself at any time. You can also call or email us to set up the appointment as well. 

Next, you'll have to get the instrument to us. If you're close enough to be able to come by the store, then drop your horn off anytime before your appointment. Otherwise, review our page on shipping your instrument to us. Make sure the horn is scheduled to arrive at least a day before your appointment. 
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