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What is Blueprinting? 

Blueprinting is a meticulous process we've developed to elevate each instrument we work on, ensuring it performs at the highest level achievable for its make and model. Most instruments in today's market are mass-produced in factories using assembly lines to minimize costs, which can result in variations and oversights in the final product. Our Blueprinting service invests the additional labor and time to refine your instrument, realizing its fullest potential.

What We Do

When you entrust your instrument to us for Blueprinting, we conduct a comprehensive assessment, meticulously examining every component from the mouthpiece receiver to the bell flare. Blueprinting is a customized service, and not all procedures are necessary for every instrument. Different brands and manufacturers have their unique strengths and blind spots, and our experienced technicians understand these nuances. During the Blueprinting process, we address various aspects, including:

  • Ensuring precise valve alignment

  • Checking the roundness of the bell bow and crooks

  • Removing excess solder left inside the instrument during initial assembly

  • Correcting any misaligned tubes

  • Aligning the mouthpiece receiver accurately

  • Adjusting valve slide lengths to optimal specifications


I recently had my Bach 239/25H blueprinted. When I got it back myself and my prof played it and were ecstatic with the results. The horn plays with far more clarity and core to the sound than it ever has and I definitely feel like I don't have to work near as hard. This is something I have already shared and encouraged others to do to their horns before they decide to sell and just buy a new one.

How To Get Started

  1. Schedule an Appointment: The easiest method is to set up an appointment online at your convenience. You can do this yourself or get in touch with us via phone or email to arrange a suitable time.

  2. Instrument Drop-Off: If you're in close proximity to our store, you can drop off your horn anytime before your scheduled appointment. For those at a distance, please review our guidelines on shipping your instrument to us. Ensure that your horn arrives at least one day before your appointment date for timely service.