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For over four decades, Osmun Music has been providing the brass playing community with professional mouthpiece alteration services. From opening a mouthpiece throat to digitizing and duplication, we feel our combination of experience and expertise can benefit any brass player in need of finding the right mouthpiece tweak that will work for them. The following is a small sample of the mouthpiece alteration services we offer.

Open Mouthpiece Throat
Your mouthpiece throat is the smallest point on your instrument that air passes through. By open the size of the throat, you can change allow more air to pass through. 
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Open Mouthpiece Backbore
Your mouthpiece backbore is the internal shape within the shank. One can alter that shape to achieve different effects with your mouthpiece. 
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Cut & Threading
Convert your one-piece mouthpiece to be compatible with a two or even three part system. We offer a variety of thread-pitches and options for customization to help you find your perfect mouthpiece.
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Convert to Reeves Sleeve System
Convert your Trumpet mouthpiece to be compatible with Reeves Sleeves. These sleeves offer trumpet players greater control over their ability to slot, or slide, between partials. 
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Short Shanking We can convert your mouthpiece to Monette-style shorter lengths for C, D, Eb trumpets.
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Skeletonization We can match the outside shape of your mouthpiece to cup with a 1mm wall thickness. The lighter weight and consistent wall thickness contribute to a quicker response and brighter timbre.

Mouthpiece Refinishing & Plating
If you have an old mouthpiece that has lost its plating, we can give your beloved mouthpiece a fresh coat of silver or gold. 

Bend Trumpet Mouthpiece
Bending of Trumpet mouthpieces can only be done on Bach-style mouthpiece blanks. Angle your mouthpiece to compensate for down or up-stream playing. 

Rebuild Mouthpiece Shank
If your mouthpiece wont fit snugly in the receiver, let us either build it up or slim it down. 

We can duplicate your mouthpiece either as a entire unit, rim, or cup only. Duplication requires digitization which is the process of turning your mouthpiece's shape into a file our lathe and other computer controlled machines can read. From there, we can make any number of copies. 

Mouthpiece Consultations
Looking for a new mouthpiece but not sure where to start? Come in and have our experienced and knowledgeable employees help find the right fit for you. Don't forget to bring your horn. 


All of these services are as close as your local post office or shipping center. Follow the directions here to ship your mouthpiece(s) to us to work on. Most alterations take us only a day or two.

You can also schedule mouthpiece services here.