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Whether it's reviving an old mouthpiece or adapting a new one to better suit your needs, we can help. 

To schedule mouthpiece services call us at 978 823-0580, email us, or schedule online for same day service. Most modifications are shipped in 24-48 hours.  Refinishing takes about three weeks. Send us your mouthpiece with instructions and a return address, phone number, and email.  We'll bill you when the work is complete.

Clean and polish mouthpiece, true shank, buff out scratches and nicks (deep scratches and nicks may still show but you won’t feel them).

Trumpet/Horn Mouthpiece: Silver-$65, Gold-$150, Silver outside with Gold cup and Rim-$120
Trumpet/Horn Rim: Silver-$60, Gold-$145
Trombone/Tuba Mouthpiece: Silver-$80, Gold-$150Trombone/Tuba Rim: Silver-$90, Gold-$160

We may have to make an additional charge for extremely worn or damaged mouthpieces. Gold and silver plate are guaranteed for two years.

Thread Mouthpiece cup, rim, or backbore: $65

Standard threads: Bach trumpet, standard or metric horn, Bach or Elliot trombone.
Other threads will incur an extra charge

Open Throat: $12

Open Backbore, Trumpet: $35
Available Bach equivalent backbores: 7, 24, 117
Includes size stamped on backbore

Stamp Throat/Backbore: $5

Re-shank worn or undersized shank: $125

Short Shank: $75
Monette lengths for Bb, C, Eb

Bach Outer Shape: $75
add silver plate: $50
Disguises your heavy mouthpiece to mollify your colleagues.

Cut for Reeves Sleeves: $50
Allow you to fine-tune the mouthpiece gap
Reeves Sleeves

Bend mouthpiece, Bach only: $50