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Osmun Symphonic/Orchestral Trumpet Mouthpieces:

Our Symphonic and Orchestral models honor the masterful craftsmanship of vintage Bach mouthpieces that have graced our shop for decades. We've carefully recreated these timeless designs, blending heritage with modern precision. 

Key Features:

  1. Heritage-Inspired Design: Our One-Piece Models are rooted in the legacy of exceptional vintage Bach mouthpieces, preserving the essence of their iconic sound while improving internal efficiency through modern CAD and machining techniques.

  2. Symphonic and Orchestral Options: To cater to different playing contexts and preferences, we offer two distinct backbore styles:

    • Symphonic Models: Featuring a standard Bach 10-style backbore, these mouthpieces are recommended for B-flat trumpet and excel on C trumpet when enhanced efficiency is required. They produce a bold, resonant tone tailored for symphonic settings while keeping efficiency in check for the entire performance.

    • Orchestral Models: Featuring a Bach 24-style backbore, these mouthpieces are the ideal choice for C trumpet in most playing scenarios. The larger, parabolic backbore shape balances the resistance and addresses intonation challenges often encountered with the C trumpet.

  3. Throat Sizes: We recognize that every trumpeter has distinct preferences when it comes to resistance. Hence, we offer you the flexibility to select your preferred throat size when placing your order, ensuring your mouthpiece aligns perfectly with your individual playing style. While we often recommend options within the 25-24 range, the ultimate decision is yours to make.

Available Models:

  • 1C: Our largest stock offering, the Osmun 1C is not for the weak! This mouthpiece delivers a rich, resonant depth of sound, equally at home commanding the concert hall as it is enchanting an intimate jazz club audience. 

  • 1-¼C: Featuring a very comfortable rim contour, our Osmun 1-¼C is the ideal selection for both dedicated 1-¼C players and those seeking more from their 1-½C mouthpiece without transitioning all the way to a 1C. Many players find the 1-¼C sits on the cusp of maximizing returns, blending a rich sound with the essential efficiency demanded for long performances.

  • 1-½C: The Osmun 1-½C is our most popular choice for classical players. Whether you're a playing principal in the orchestra or are playing a lengthy solo recital, this mouthpiece delivers the large, rich sound and heightened efficiency you desire.

  • 3C: If you’re looking for a great “Pops” mouthpiece or an upgrade from your student’s standard 7C, look no further. The Osmun 3C is favored by many for its comfortable rim that promotes efficiency for students and professionals alike, as well as its ability to cut through the orchestra when you need that extra “sizzle”.

Osmun Commercial Trumpet Mouthpieces:

  • Jazz Model: Tailored for any commercial playing scenario, the Osmun Jazz model combines an efficient rim with a medium-shallow cup, complemented by a tight throat and backbore. This mouthpiece provides the necessary compression to help you cut through the band with precision.

  • Lead Model: If you're on the hunt for the ultimate lead mouthpiece, your search ends here. Our high-compression lead mouthpiece features an exceptionally efficient rim, shallow cup, and a tight throat and backbore, enabling you to effortlessly soar above the band with precision and ease.

Osmun Trumpet Mouthpiece Tops:

Our Osmun trumpet mouthpiece tops are manufactured in-house with an exacting commitment to consistency and quality. The 1C, 1-14C, 1-1/2C and 3C tops are all based on exceptional vintage Bach mouthpieces which have passed through our shop over the decades. See above for more details.

The Osmun 3C Star top is based on a vintage Tottle 3C Star mouthpiece. It is not as bowl-shaped as a Bach 3C and is slightly shallower in depth. The rim has a basic "3" inner diameter with just enough of an inner bite to enhance crispness of articulation. This mouthpiece top is designed for the trumpeter who wants a bit more "sizzle" from their basic 3C mouthpiece. It also will work well as a lead mouthpiece for those who normally play larger orchestral-sized mouthpieces. 

Osmun Trumpet Backbores:

Our backbores are designed to fit all cups with Warburton Style threads. They are designed for use in a multitude of different musical settings. 

#1: Very tight, for extreme upper-register work.

#2: Tight, for lead work. This backbore has a bit more volume than the #1 for the lead player who prefers slightly less resistance in the upper register.

#10: Our most popular backbore for Bb trumpet. Offers moderate resistance without sacrificing tone. Applicable to a wide array of musical situations.

#7: Schmid-style. This backbore is an alternative classical design which provides an overall different feel from our #10 and #24.

#24: The classic "Orchestral" backbore. Most popular for C trumpet. Often paired with a 24 or 25 throat.

#117: Very open. Widely favored for piccolo trumpet.